About Us


Mission Driven by Motivation

DYB offers hope and a second chance at success for youth ages 14-24 whose experiences with poverty, violence, drugs, hunger and loss have interrupted their route to success. Serving more than 250 young people a year, we offer a program of high school completion, vocational training, literacy, and support that helps our students find a new path and a clear vision of success filled with pride, leadership, and commitment to community.


Summer Programs

Our summer program will serve between 35-40 non-traditional Memphis youth ages 14-24.  The objective is keeping youths off the street by teaching them to "put down the guns and pick up a skill or drill" to rebuild and reinvest in their community by giving back. We have provided direct service to over 2,000 youth in the past 20 years. 



The Durham Housing Intern Cohort worked with the City of Memphis at the Main Event to launch the MPLOY Youth Program, where students signed up other Memphis youth for paid summer employment.

The Durham Housing Work-Based Internship provided an every other week learning environment which taught the students entrepreneur startup skills in the construction industry.